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Our Products
  • HAPT-1F-Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Meter
    Easy to installation Small of mounting hardware parts Save energy as low pressure loss High accuracy
  • HPC-100C Series- Capacitance
    Continuously measurement Continuously convert into electric signal (4-20mA) suitable installed in tanks or other vessels of explosion-proof area
    PRINCIPLE HRO is the pressure drop of fluid flowing through the pipe to act as a pressure reducing valve device as a liquid, gas, steam a...
  • HT-100PT(S)-Hydrostatic
    Easily installation Unaffected by wave status on surface Flat diaphragm of stainless steel for high sensitivity Easuly maintenance Suitable for ...
  • HT-100R Series-Magnetic Float
    Simple designed Remote sensing probe of stainless steel Can be display the level of liquid and also pump control by level points suitable for was...
  • HTMF-Series- Thermal Mass Flowmeter
    Measure to the mass flow directly No necessory the temperature, pressure and differential pressure transmitters One to nine points depend on appli...
  • HUL/HUT Series- Ultrasonic Level Meter
    Measuring range: Max 15m ASF(Automatic Signal Filtering) Narrow Beam Angle (4 Deg ) 10,000 point data logging and date trend monitoring Designed...
  • HWFM-Series-Wedge Type DP Flow Meter
    Excellent repeatability and accuracy Very wide flow measurement range (20:1) High reliability due to no moving parts Suitable fluid and slurries ...