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Fieldbus Power Supplies - Single-segment fieldbus power supplies

The F101, F102 and F104 fieldbus power supplies each provide power for a single FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 segment. Galvanic isolation, power conditioning and segment termination are incorporated. The F10x Series modules should be adopted for all new installations requiring single-segment, non-redundant power in small to medium scale applications such as batch processing. The range features:

  • Compact design
  • Fully isolated
  • Low power dissipation
  • DIN rail power bus option

A range of output voltages and currents is supported, allowing the modules to be used in a variety of fieldbus environments e.g.

  * The F101 is intended for use in applications that require live-workable, "energy-limited" spurs in hazardous areas, where field devices are certified for up to 24V input. When used with Megablock wiring hubs with SpurGuard short circuit protection, the spurs are compatible with typical non-incendive and intrinsically safe fieldbus instruments in Zone 2 and Division 2.

  * The F102 is intended for all general-purpose applications. It has a high output voltage and is capable of powering heavily loaded segments and long cable lengths. It can also support energy-limited spurs with fieldbus devices having Ui≤ 30V.

  * The F104 "Eco Power" module has low current consumption and is designed for use in applications where energy efficiency is important. A typical use would be in wind or solar-powered applications such as instrumentation nodes for remote well-heads. High efficiency is achieved by providing a lower output voltage to the fieldbus segment than with conventional fieldbus power supplies, eliminating unnecessary power dissipation in the fieldbus instruments. The 13V nominal output is sufficient to support up to 10 typical fieldbus instruments on a 200m trunk cable.