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Fieldbus Power Supplies - Redundant, multi-segment Fieldbus Power Supplies

Two flexible solutions for redundant fieldbus power conditioning.

  • F800 Series provides power for eight segments in a single F80x unit
  • F600A Series solution uses one FPS-IPM power conditioner per segment

The F800 Series carriers provide wire terminations for the 8 segments as well as mounting two F801 or F802 power supply modules. The F801 power supply modules provide 8 outputs of 21.5V, 350mA; ideal for most fieldbus applications. The F802 power supply modules provides 8 outputs of 28V, 500mA for applications with fieldbus trunk lengths greater than 600m or heavily loaded fieldbus barrier applications.Both options ensure that one Fieldbus terminator is included for each segment. The system integrates seamlessly with host controllers from all the leading DCS vendors.

The F800 carriers themselves are completely free of electronic components to maximize their MTBF and, of course, the System Availability. Additionally the F800 Series carriers occupy half the footprint of the previous generation of fieldbus power supplies offering significant cabinet savings. The F809F physical layer Fieldbus Diagnostics Module may be installed on any F800 carrier to automatically collect and distribute additional diagnostic information for each of the eight fieldbus segments.

The F600A Series option provides multi-segment fieldbus power using the FPS-IPM power modules. The FPS-x Series power conditioners provide redundant fieldbus power for a single fieldbus segment and are available with or without a built-in terminator. The MTL redundant fieldbus power supplies provide:

  • Redundant power conditioning
  • Redundant input power connection
  • Power module replacement without a reset
  • High power output
  • On-line diagnostics module (F800 series)
  • Power module or power feed failure alarm
  • Integrated fieldbus terminator
  • Simplified power wiring