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Power Surge Protection - MA3350 Series

The MA3350 is available for either AC or DC applications. The AC & DC versions are rated to a full 50kA (8/20µs) with the DC version also rated at 15kA (10/350µs). In the AC three phase unit there are four (4) such modes giving a total unit rating of 200kA. These units carry a suite of diagnostics that monitors each component of the suppression circuit. Each unit has positive indication showing both the presence of power and the status of the unit. Remote monitoring of the MA3350 is possible using the standard voltage free contacts.

Common features:

  • Only 38mm (1.5") wide
  • Highest fault current clearing; 100kA without backup fuses
  • Easy DIN rail mounting

AC version:

  • Smallest 3 phase 50kA (8/20µs) SPD available (38mm)
  • Full range covering TNS, TNC-S, IT and TT systems 
  • Single pole version with 50kA (10/350µs), 200kA (8/20µs) rating

DC versions:

  • 15kA (10/350µs) per poleType I
  • Thermal and short circuit fusing