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Our Products
SD Modular Series Hot Swappable Surge Protectors

SD Modular Series

• ATEX certified, intrinsically-safe surge protectors
• Slim, modular, space saving design
• Multi stage hybrid circuit – 20kA maximum surge current
• Voltage ratings to suit process I/O applications
• For use in SIL3 loops
• IECEx approval
• 10 year warranty

The SD modular series takes the established SD range of high performance surge protectors for I/O and introduces a replaceable element. Maintaining the unrivalled packing density and field proven hybrid circuit design the modular
series makes maintenance easy, enabling the replacement of surge protection modules without disconnecting the loop.

The hot swappable design of the feedthrough base allows replacement of the module without interruption of the process signal. Careful design, to give a "make before break" contact configuration, is further enhanced by the earth connection being the first to "make" and the last to "break" giving added safety for taking any residual voltages down to earth. One simple operation clamps the base securely to the DIN rail and automatically provides the high integrity earth (ground) connection.