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29 December 2022 Thank you Technip Energies Malaysia for participating in our SUM5 (Smart Universal Marshalling Solution) Training and Hands-on

Everyone enjoying their time and gain a lot of knowledge on SUM5



and well done to Technip Energies Malaysia staff for completing Eaton MTL SUM5 (Smart Universal Marshalling Solution) Training and Hands-on at KLAE Training Centre, Puchong. The main focus of the training was to share knowledge, information, and hands-on opportunity on the capabilities of MTL SUM5.
Just a quick sharing;
MTL SUM5 offers a single cabinet design, with ‘plug and play’ configurable modules for the five key marshaling functions. This eliminates the need for intricate wiring to interconnect the components, ultimately improving uptime and reducing the cost of wiring, installation, and maintenance.
For end users and consultants, you may like to participate in the product training like what we did here, please send your request through enquiries@klaesb.com. We will come back to you with an arrangement.
P/S: Not subject to only this product - please see www.klaesb.com to know more about our products