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Our Products
CL7 Series Linespeed /Length Meter

TOKY CL7 Series Linespeed /Length Meter with follow  Features:

1) Two input, one for measuring length, the other for line speed;
2) Settable line speed & length prescaling value;
3) One length control output, one line speed control output;
4) Counting speed: 1CPS/30CPS/1KCPS/10KCPS;
5) Counting prescaling value: 0.00000~999999;
6) Power fail memory function;
7) 4 kinds of input & 8 kinds of output counting mode;
8) 3 alarm output;
9) No need to contact pull-up resistor for rotary encoder signal input;
10) With Modbus485 communication interface;
11) Widely applied to slide fastener machines, food machines, packing machines industries.