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Fieldbus Wiring Components - Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus Barriers

MTL’s new 9370-FB Series Fieldbus Barrier establishes a new benchmark for fieldbus networks in hazardous areas. It retains the major benefits of the High Energy Trunk technique while removing the drawbacks associated with existing Fieldbus Barrier implementations. The result is lower cost, safer operation and higher reliability throughout the life-cycle of the fieldbus network, with benefits not only for the plant operator but also for all parties involved in the design and installation process.

  • Live-working in hazardous areas
  • Supports 6- and 12- spur applications with standard enclosures
  • Integrated trunk and spur surge protection as initial build or retro fit
  • Mount in Zone 1 or Zone 2
  • Compatible with Entity and FISCO certified IS field devices
  • Available in GRP or stainless steel enclosures