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Our Products
CX Series Counter / Timer / Length Meter

TOKY CX Series Counter / Timer / Length Meter with following features: 

1) 4 digit (CX2),6 digit (CX3,CX8) LED display;

2) Counting range: -1999 to 9999 (4 digit), -199999 to 999999 (6 digit);

3) Timing range: 0.01S-9999H (4 digit), 0.01S to 9999H 59M (6 digit);

4) 2 counting / timing modes (Up or Down), 4 input / output modes, 4 counting speed,  4 timing units (S, MS, HMS, HM), one meter with multi-function, high cost effective;

5) With output delay function, delay time can be changed in the menu;

6) With key lock function and power down memory function.